If you haven't watched the series finale of GoT, well, then screw you. 

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Well, let's be honest. This season has been a disappointment, much like the finale. In fact, there are fan theories out there that seem more logical and plausible than the ending we got after 8 seasons of dedication. 

1. Tyrion or Jaime kills Cersei as the prophecy had suggested. 

According to the prophecy, Cersei had heard as a child, she would meet her end at the hands of the 'Valonqar', which translates to 'little brother' in High Valyrian. Given that she had always been a complete dick to Tyrion, we assumed it would be him. 

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But then again, Jaime was born seconds after her. So the prophecy could have also meant him. And killing Cersei would have been a satisfying end to his redemption arc. 

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But someone thought bricks was a cool idea. So here we are. 

2. Arya kills Cersei wearing Jaime's face. 

From the moment Arya made that list, Cersei was always on the top of it, second only to Joffrey. So it seemed like she should be the one to take Cersei's life. 

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This theory suggests that she would murder Jaime for pushing Bran off that tower, wear his face and kill Cersei. 

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3. Daenerys would get more dragons. 

If you watched the opening title sequence with good attention, you will notice that there were 4 dragons on the astrolabe. 

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This had led to many fan theories believing that after Dany lost 2 of her dragons, she would either acquire another dragon or find 3 other dragons eggs. 

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Even though her character went down the path of the Mad Queen, which we all know turned out to be a rash and unexplainable decision at the time, we would have all loved to see her have more dragons and rule King's Landing with fire and blood before her time came to an end. 

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4. The Night King was a Targaryen. 

Mind you, since this wasn't cleared up in the show, it could still have been true. For starters, the Night King rides a dragon, which is something only Targaryens have been able to do in the past. 

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There is also this little matter of him not getting roasted alive when Dany went full pyromaniac on him. 

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The final clue might have been that the Night King's sigil looked eerily similar to the Targaryen sigil. 

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That would have been some reveal and might have led to other interesting things. But I guess, we will never know. 

5. Bran would warg into a dragon. 

Ever since Bran started warging into animals, we had been kind of hoping that he would one day warg into a dragon. 

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And it would have made sense that he would warg into Drogon and stop the massacare of King's Landing. 

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Which would have also justified him being crowned the king. 

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6. Sansa becomes the Queen of the 7 kingdoms. 

This theory suggests that since Sansa was the most qualified to rule, she should have been on the throne of King's Landing. 

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And it made sense. She had the brilliance of Littlefinger and Cersei but had the compassion and honour of Ned Stark. But good sense has not prevailed this season!

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7. Bran was the Night King all along. 

The last Three-Eyed-Raven had warned Bran that he could get trapped in the past if he wasn't careful. So the theory went that Bran would get trapped inside the Night King and ultimately become him. 

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In the past, Bran's time travelling adventures had hinted that the past couldn't be changed. Hodor was Hodor because Bran warged into him in the past - hinting that it was always meant to go that way. 

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Upon realising this, Bran would have resigned himself to the part of the antagonist of this story and trap himself inside the Night King. This would have explained why the Night King knew that Bran was watching him, as this would have already happened to him in the past. 

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Some fans had also theorised that Bran being the Night King would have explained why he could never kill Jon. 

8. Arya would have killed Daenerys. 

Arya was meant to kill a lot of people, people with brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes. But given that Cersei was killed by bricks, the next logical person to murder would have been Daenerys. 

After she burned down an entire city and Arya was our eyes from the people's perspective, it seemed pretty obvious that she would kill Daenerys. 

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Besides, we had spent seasons watching her change faces to only use it once. It would have been totally awesome if she had murdered Grey Worm and had taken his face to kill Dany. 

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9. We find out that Tyrion was the third Targaryen and would have been the natural successor to the Iron Throne. 

This has been an old theory making rounds ever since Tyrion successfully managed to touch the dragons and feed them without being eaten. 

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While we are on the topic, does anybody else think it was weird that we never visited that scene again or even discussed it. 

Besides, people who have read the books know that the Mad King had a thing for Joanna Lannister, Tyrion's mother. So it could have been that Tyrion was his son after all, giving him the right to sit on the Throne. 

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11. Tyrion would have become the Kingslayer, the same way Jaime had. 

After witnessing the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people, Tyrion could have murdered Daenerys by stabbing her in the back, much like Jaime had done back in the day to Dany's father. 

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If there are any other theories that come to your mind, please enlighten us.