Earlier today, HBO released the first teaser for Game of Thrones season 8. And HOLY SHIT! I have never been more excited and scared at the same time. 


The showrunners have really taken their efforts a notch higher to keep the plot an extremely well-kept secret. But hey, when has that stopped the internet. So we gathered some of the most popular fan theories for you. 

1. Arya Stark has truly become No One. 

Many fans agree that the teaser was mostly representational and did not feature any scenes from the episodes. 


So when the Stark children walk into the crypts, Jon and Sansa are seen walking past their ancestors; Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark and Lyanna Stark. But Arya walks through an empty corridor all by herself implying the death of her relation to any identity or bloodline. 

2. There is someone else in the crypts of Winterfell. 

We know that Winterfell was built around the time the first long night ended. And the crypts were built before the castle. We all know of theories suggesting that the Night King might have been a Stark. 

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YouTube channel Talking Thrones is of the opinion that the reason they named it Winterfell was because it was there that the last great war was concluded. So maybe, it is where the first Night King was buried, which would explain the freezing of the crypt with the Starks in it and ‘current’ Night King’s continued interest in both Bran and Jon.

3. The Night King is a Stark, who cannot be killed but replaced, only by a Stark.

Another theory that stems from the above theory is that you cannot kill a Night King, only replace him. This would certainly put dents into Jon’s plan to defeat the army of White Walkers. 


And we are all well aware of the theories that Bran Stark might be the Night King himself. So when the Night King touched Bran, he might have marked him to be his successor. 

 Melisandre comes back to Westeros with an army.

We saw Mellisandre meet Daenerys and leave for Essos in season 7. But the Red Priestess had sworn to return to Westeros and said that she would die there. 


Die-hard fans are quite aware of the Red Priests of R’hllor and their army. So it is quite possible that she will return with an actual fire-wielding Red Army riding behind her to fight the dead. 

5. There’s a wildfire trap waiting in King’s Landing.

According to Redditor denial61, there is still a ton of wildfire left in the tombs under King’s Landing.

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We know that the great war will go down south at some point. Which is why it is entirely possible that someone Jaime Lannister will lead the white walker army into the fiery trap, sacrificing himself in the process. 

6. Varys will introduce democracy to Westeros.

Unlike every other character in the show, Varys has a very distinct ambition in mind. His loyalties lie with the people of the 7 kingdoms and not any rulers.


When Daenerys had questioned him about betraying former kings whom he had sworn an oath to, he declines to offer her his blind allegiance. He had also told her that he would let her know if she ever became a tyrannical leader he would be willing to betray.

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So it is quite possible that Varys might put his trust behind an entirely different kind of governance altogether. 

7. Gendry will become the king of Westeros.

Do not rule out the Baratheon bastard yet. He has the strength of his father and the Stark family behind him. And before Littlefinger started shitting all over King’s Landing, the throne did belong to a Baratheon. 


8. The White Walkers will win.

There is a high possibility of this happening, considering that this is the George R.R Martin way. Also, if you thought this has a happy ending, you have clearly not been paying attention. 


9. Jamie Lannister Kills the Night King

This might be a little far fetched but think about it. He is the Kingslayer after all. And what an end would that be to his redemption story? He was mocked as the Kingslayer for killing his king. What better way to redeem himself by killing another? 

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10. Samwell Tarly will survive in the end and the show will be revealed to have been his memoir. 

There is an ongoing theory on the internet that the story of The Song of Ice and Fire is a story narrated by Samwell Tarly, long after the winter is gone and the great war is over. Maesters have been known to keep records of important events to educate the future generations.

So who better than Samwell Tarly could write the story of the great war when he could give a first-hand account unlike anybody else. 

We have intentionally avoided certain theories like ‘Azor Ahai’ or even ‘The Valonqar’ because, at this point, they are like Varys’ little birds. They have everywhere.

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Anyhow, if there are certain theories you think should make this list, let us know.