When lyricist and writer Varun Grover shared his poem for anti-CAA protests, Hum Kaagaz Nahin Dikhaenge, he stated that it was open to translations, editing, and sharing. 

And looks like the public truly obliged, because multiple versions of the poem have appeared on social media. And the latest version, that Varun himself shared on his social media, is a ‘filmy’ mashup that is better than most ‘remakes and remixes’. 

Created by Shoaib Zulfi Nazeer, the version showcases iconic Bollywood scenes that represent the words of the poem, quite literally. 

Various people have since then shared the version on social media, while commending Nazeer’s ingenuity. 

As Vir Das put it in his latest stand-up special, in India, we tell our stories through our movies.