Folks, if you watch a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon at least once every week and consider yourself to be the seventh honorary friend from the Central Perk gang, we have some great news for you. 

Source: Deadline

18-years after we last saw the squad keeping their keys on Monica's table, reportedly, the entire gang has confirmed that they will be reuniting for an hour-long unscripted, candid special. 

Source: Unilad

The teenager inside me is literally screaming OH MY GAWD in Janice's excited voice and we really cannot keep calm.  

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And when we say everyone, WE MEAN EVERYONE, including Matthew Perry a.k.a Chandler Bing. Can you believe it folks, we won't have to just see pictures of their reunions on Instagram, anymore!

According to reports from Deadline, all six stars will individually be paid somewhere around $3-$4 million dollars for the special. This will apparently help to launch the upcoming streaming platform HBO Max, where Friends will be one of the main attractions.

Source: Insider

Well, now we're a little confused, was this Matthew Perry's "big news" that stirred a sense of restlessness amongst Netizens or was it joining finally making his debut on Instagram? 

Well, whatever it is, we're super excited to see the entire cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on-screen again.