Instead of quarantining after her return from London, singer Kanika Kapoor traveled to three different cities in India and attended multiple gatherings. And later, she tested positive for Covid-19. 

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Hello everyone, For the past 4 days I have had signs of flu, I got myself tested and it came positive for Covid-19. My family and I are in complete quarantine now and following medical advice on how to move forward. Contact mapping of people I have been in touch with is underway aswell. I was scanned at the airport as per normal procedure 10days ago when I came back home, the symptoms have developed only 4 days ago. At this stage I would like to urge you all to practice self isolation and get tested if you have the signs. I am feeling ok, like a normal flu and a mild fever, however we need to be sensible citizens at this time and think of all around us. We can get through this without panic only if we listen to the experts and our local, state and central government directives. Wishing everyone good health. Jai Hind ! Take care, KK

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Consequently, chances of her transmitting the virus to other people have increased exponentially because of the sheer number of people she has been in contact with. Here’s an in-depth look at her contact trail, ever since she returned from London:

March 09, Kanika Kapoor landed in Mumbai from London 

As per her post on Instagram, the singer did not show any symptoms when she was screened after landing from London. 

The government has advised that all people returning from foreign locations, specifically Europe, London, and China, need to self-quarantine for 14 days. But, reportedly, just two days after returning from London, Kanika Kapoor left for Lucknow with her parents. 

March 11, Kanika Kapoor arrives in Lucknow from Mumbai

Kanika Kapoor attended several gatherings in Lucknow, including a family get-together in Kanpur on March 13. As per reports, the family get-together consisted of 20 people, including her grandparents. 

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People with a weakened immune system, like the elderly or infants, are more prone to contracting Coronavirus. 

March 15, Kanika Kapoor attends two different parties in Lucknow. 

On March 15, Kanika Kapoor attended two different parties in Lucknow, where she got in contact with various people, including politicians. Some of these politicians attended another party, thereby increasing the possible spread of the virus. 


One of the politicians that Kanika came in contact with is BJP MP Dushyant Singh. He was at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on March 18, and also attended the on-going parliamentary sessions. 

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Consequently, all politicians he came in contact with, including President Ram Nath Kovind, may contract the virus, if he tests positive. Thus, as many as 96 MPs are currently at risk of testing positive for Covid-19. 

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Kanika stayed at the Taj Hotel from March 14 to March 16, while she was in Lucknow. The hotel has now been shut down as a precautionary measure. 

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As per reports, she even attended a Holi party in Lucknow during the time. 

Currently, several politicians like Vasundhara Raje, Dushyant Singh, Jai Pratap Singh are on self-quarantine ever since Kanika tested positive for Covid-19. 

When contact mapping for Kanika, the list is not limited to the people she met at the gatherings, but also includes the staff who served her at the hotel and these parties. Also, all the people that she came in contact with, directly or indirectly, while traveling between cities, would need to be included. 

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As of now, there are no reports indicating that the people Kanika Kapoor came in contact with have also tested Covid-19 positive. But there is no denying the fact that the singer has put many people at risk, even if she did so unintentionally. 

The possibility of the virus spreading through contact is extremely high, and this is exactly why social distancing has become crucial for stopping the spread of the virus. As Kanika Kapoor’s travel history shows, a Covid-19 positive person can put all the people he or she comes in contact with at risk. And currently, we have neither the vaccines nor a cure for the virus. Thus it is important to stay vigilant and responsible.