In addition to all the photos, teasers and trailers that HBO have released ahead of Game Of Thrones Season 6, they are now out with another one. And quite frankly, it’s not easing our anxieties. With so much to look forward to, HBO knows just how to keep its audiences hooked and super excited. With one more trailer dropped – March Madness Promo, we’re pretty sure that Season 6 has a lot to offer. 

This is all what’s keeping us on our toes, and making us ask so many questions: 

The Kraken has been unleashed, that is, Daenerys’ dragons are free. Now who did that, if she is in captivity?

A giant can be seen breaking down the gates of what looks like the entrance to Castle Black. Is the giant avenging Jon Snow’s death? Ah! these nasty trailers sets the wrong wheels turning in our heads.

And then, the scene that has been puzzling our minds since we have seen it. What is Bran doing with the Night’s King? Is it a vision? Or is he really walking now? 

Watch the full trailer here:

Exciting, isn’t it? 

Guess we’ll have to wait till April for the mind-boggling, nerve-wrecking questions to be answered. April 24 can’t come soon enough!