We’re on the cusp of the finale of this epic and the internet has been rife with leaks of season 8 of Game Of Thrones. And it turns out, a lot of them were accurate AF. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to summarise what will happen to the main characters, who will end up on the Iron Throne and who will die.

Warning. This article contains spoilers for the last episode of Game Of Thrones. Retreat while you can.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive in.

Once again, massive spoilers below.


People have had strong opinions about Daenerys’ arc in this season and how quickly she got to the ‘Mad Queen’ phase. Whatever your complaints about the pacing of her arc, here’s how it will end according to the leaks.

Dany gives a big speech about liberating slaves, wherever she goes, after which she starts executing people in King’s Landing. She is then stabbed and killed by Jon Snow, who surrenders himself.


The Unsullied carry on to Essos, to free the other slave cities in accordance with Dany’s last words. Drogon flies off with Dany’s dead body.

Jon Snow

After Jon kills Daenerys, he surrenders himself and takes the black. He goes on to become the 1,000th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.



Now there are two possible endings (maybe three) depending on which leak is accurate. Also, there were reports of multiple endings being shot, so things are a bit confusing. Anyway, let’s move on.

In one ending, Tyrion will be imprisoned and end up on trial for betraying Daenerys. All this is before Daenerys’ death of course. But whether he dies or not, is not exactly clear.


Tyrion’s Trial: Tyrion’s trial in the dragonpit is a major scene and has no Jon, Dany, or dragons. Sir Davos is present not wearing the Hand of the King pin (he wasn’t in 8×04 either) along with all 3 stark children. Samwell Tarly, Brienne, Robyn Aryn, Grey Worm, an unknown man wearing golden clothes (likely Dornish), and another unidentified man (an older short bearded one dressed in green) will be there as well. Bran will flash back to season 1 where Tyrion Lannister told Catelyn Stark, “I never bet against my family”. Tyrion is filled with anger and resentment against the people of King’s Landing because he saved them against Stannis and they still turned on him. Thinks people of King’s Landing deserved it. He saved them and were ungrateful (trial of Joffrey’s murder) Will fall to his knees in the middle of the speech dragged down by the weight of his actions. His death was filmed in studio so not sure how he dies.

His second ending however, is tied to another character’s ending. So let’s head there.


Bran will apparently take the throne. Yep, the blank-space-staring, weird expressioned, even-weirder-phrase-spouting Bran.

YouTube | Didn’t see that coming, did you

According to the leaks, Bran will take the Iron Throne after it is voted upon. So I guess Dany did keep her promise and broke the wheel. Here’s the exact text:

King’s Council: A council gets formed to decide who the King should be. Tyrion gives a speech and everyone votes on Bran to become King. The end. In the Epilogue, Jon takes the black again for killing Dany. (I think this is penance for regicide and guilt. People take the black to avoid the death penalty and he would be the 1,000th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch) Arya leaves. (she told Clegane she would) Sansa rules the North. When they’re deciding who to elect as king, Sam suggests holding a democratic election and the other nobles laugh at him. That’s before they vote on Bran. Bran oversees his council of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn. The Unsullied leave to cross the sea and start liberating slave cities on their own, because that’s Dany’s plan before Jon kills her — she has this big speech scene, after sacking King’s Landing, where she’s talking about wrecking the world, liberating all of the slaves from their masters.


And as is evident in the leaks, Arya leaves (we don’t know where to)…

The Independent

Sansa rules the North…

Harper’s Bazaar

And Bronn (of all people) joins the council.


We’re waiting to see if all the leaks are true. You can check out the entire thread here.

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