Can we all agree on the fact that the final season of Game of Thrones sucked pretty bad? The timeline was all over the place. Which is more than what you could say for the plot because it was just missing! 


All that character development from the last 7 years had suddenly just gone down the drain and nothing made sense anymore. 


It’s like a video game, where you have spent countless hours unlocking players and winning levels only to forget saving it. And the next time you open the game, you’re like ‘WTF just happened?’


Well, we might finally have a reason why that same thing happened with season 8 of GoT


On the 27th of October, GoT showrunners, David Benioff and D.B Weiss started a Q&A session at the Austin Film Festival. 


A Twitter user with the handle @ForArya live-tweeted as the duo talked about the process of creating a show like this. 

We got some interesting information about how they cast certain actors for some big roles. 

They also talked about shooting a disastrous pilot and how bad their mistakes were. 

What’s really upsetting is that they decided to limit the fantasy element from the books. 

And it’s quite shocking, as book readers would know how much the show missed out on, given that it was based on a series of fantasy books. 

And then comes the kicker. This is when they talk about the writing process for the show and it sort of answers why the show got bad once they ran out of source material from the books. 

That explains the incoherent plot in the later seasons of the show when they did not have the plot armour from the books to protect them. 

The duo did not even listen to the feedback from the fans as the show went along. 

You can read the entire thread here for more information about how the show was made and if the showrunners had any regrets. 


So, now we know. This is the first public appearance by the showrunners after 1.75 million people petitioned HBO to remake season 8 with competent writers!