While watching a romantic moment or an intimate scene on-screen, don’t you feel that electric sensuality too? The way actors perform scenes involving touching, kissing, recreating sex and other kinds of intimacy, it has the desired effect on us. Moreover, in these scenes it is important that the boundaries of the actors is respected and consent is given importance.

Well, the whole credit goes to intimacy directors. Yes, directors who coordinate and choreograph intimate scenes in films and shows do exist, so that the actors in question don’t feel uncomfortable. Imagine that you have to kiss your colleague, here co-actor, while big cameras and all crew members focus on you. Awkward, right?

So, Deepika Padukone’s latest film Gehraiyaan has given due credit to intimacy director Dar Gai on its poster, and it seems it is the first time an Indian project has done so. And author Aseem Chhabra has brought this into light. 

While the concept of intimacy coordinators has been around for a long time in Hollywood, our Indian cinema is yet to bring this into the mainstream. And so, Gehraiyaan’s acknowledgement of the director is an important step towards normalizing this. 


Intimacy directors are brought on board to facilitate scenes involving physical touch for the stage and screen. Their work basically choreographing the scene so that it looks and feels real, and the actors know exactly what to do. 

People on Twitter are applauding the move as it’s one of the first times Bollywood has given due credit to an intimacy director. 

Indeed a step in the right direction!