Summers in India mean summer vacations, mangoes, and well, staying indoors and watching your favourite shows.

There are some brands which indulge in heavy TV advertisements only during summers. And we know it is summer when we see these iconic brands and their ads on TV.

Here are 13 iconic advertisements which tell every Indian kid that summer is here.

1. Glucon D
Even after so many years, the Glucon D ad resonates wildly with the audience. The TVC shows a sinister faced sun sucking out energy from kids through a straw. The ad recently went viral on Twitter where Twitteratis agreed that is exactly how they feel going outside in the scorching heat now.

2. Dermi Cool
Chubhti jalti garmi ka mausam aaya,” where is the lie we ask? We remember this jingle better than anything else. Come summer, every household ends up having Dermi Cool at home.

3. Frooti
Summers mean mango and what better than Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy. Frooti was one of the brands in India to bring soft drinks in tetra packs.

4. Rasna
“I love you, Rasna,” said the Rasna girl and we all agreed. You just need to mix the Rasna concentrate in water and it was ready in a jiffy. What’s not to love! While the iconic orange Rasna rules everyone’s heart, Rasna now has a variety of flavours which include pineapple, mango, litchi, and even kala khatta.

5. Slice
You know it is summer when you see Katrina Kaif in a TVC romanticizing a mango. The sensual ad gave us two favourites- Katrina Kaif and mangoes.

6. Amul Kool
The peppy ad shows friends on a trip and enjoying their time, seeking Amul Kool to chill their dil. The ad was a refreshing take on summers.

7. Rooh Afza
The ever-versatile “naturally refreshing” Rooh Afza showed people that summer is here.

8. Cinthol Soap
Alive is Awesome or Sun Ko Kardo Set- whatever their campaign was, they always manged to grip the summer mood of the audience. 

9. Nycil
Another ad that gives you “ghamoriyon se suraksha“.

10. Navratna Talc
Navratna Talc always meant that Shahrukh Khan TVC. Their tagline, ‘thanda thanda cool cool‘, is still widely remembered by the audience.

11. Vaseline Body Lotion
While Vaseline body lotions are always a hit during winters, their aloe vera body lotion is a boon during summers. This ad, with a rendition of the ‘aam chori‘ tune which we all played when we were young, struck a chord.

12. Voltas Air Cooler
Everyone wants a hill station vacation in summer. But that means overcrowded tourist spots which would eventually mean that you aren’t able to enjoy the vibe completely. But what if you got the hill station wali feeling at home?

Which ones do you remember seeing on TV?