Spoiler alert! Major spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4.
Source: HBO

After that spectacular Battle of Winterfell, one would think this episode would let us recuperate from all the action. It, however, scratched our wounds further and gave us two of the most shocking deaths this season.

The internet was not at all prepared for Rhaegal to go down like that. He fought bravely at Winterfell and yet went down just minutes before he would've been home -- at Dragonstone.

And just as we were healing from that huge loss, the episode burnt whatever was left of our hopes.

Twitter has been deeply affected by Missandei's sudden death.

Missandei was too pure for this world.

And her end is possibly also the death of Dany's humane empathy.

We're not okay with how it all ended for her.

Now that she's lost so much, the Internet is backing Dany and are all for unleashing the madness to avenge her loss.

Twitter is rallying behind her to Dracarys TF out of everyone who did her wrong.

True to Missandei's last word.

RIP Rhaegal and Missandei. You deserved better. You shall be missed and avenged.