The latest season of Game of Thrones has been a roller coaster for all the fans. From completely mind-blowing plot twists to something everyone was rooting against, it’s been hectic.

Here are some memes which capture the emotions every fan is going through right now.

1. Will it be a sad ending?

2. It was darker than Cersei’s soul.

3. Hearts are left broken.

4. “Sandor.”

5. We deserve so much more.

6. We will always be loyal.

7. The OG fans.

8. Queen of the North!

9. BRB, crying.

10. Plis.

11. Ygritte was right.

12. Bricks? Seriously?

13. We need to talk.

14. Goodbye, Master of Whisperers.


16. We have to take matters in our own hands.

17. Character arc gone down the train.

Are you excited for the last episode?