Forget global warming, the one phenomenon that’s truly affecting the world is called Game of Thrones. No other show in the history of TV has had an effect on audience the way GOT has. And coming to GOT fans, well we’re like an unbeatable army of White Walkers!

Here are 15 Signs That You’re a Game of Thrones fanatic:

1. The first thing you’ve been doing for the last one month is download the latest GOT episode and watch it immediately!

Monday has suddenly become your favourite day of the week.

2. Your ringtone changes to Game of Thrones theme everytime a new season is in progress.

3. Everytime there’s a death on GOT, your FB changes immediately to “OMG! NO WAY!”

4. You read the books fanatically and use it as a weapon against all your friends threatening to reveal the spoilers every alternate day.

5. You ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to start calling you Khaleesi/Khal Drogo

6. You whisper a prayer for Tyrion everytime a new episode is out.

7. You hum along everytime the opening theme of GOT is playing.

8. You were always against graphic nudity in movies but it’s totally fine when it’s shown in GOT.

9. You never thought you’d cheer at the sight of a teenage boy getting poisoned to death but cheer you did!

10. When someone says they don’t watch GOT, you look at them like they don’t deserve to live on this planet.

11. You’ve never professed your allegiance to any group ever except the different families of Westeros!

12. When people talk about mind-blowing twists in movies, you look down upon them and tell them ‘You ain’t seen twists until you’ve seen Game of Thrones’.

13. You might not know every minister in Modi’s cabinet, but you know the ranks and names of every person in Westeros!

14. You’re terrified of even the slightest announcement of a wedding on the show!

15. And this is your reaction when some one says, “Breaking Bad is so much better than Game Of Thrones.”