So Season 7 of Game of Thrones has finally come to a close but not before it gave fans enough gossip to fill in that agonizing wait period. This episode officially gave fans what they had been waiting for since 7 freaking seasons- Jon Snow’s real parentage and name! Well, if you are getting that itch to correct me and say it’s Aegon Targaryen, I’m just not emotionally ready for it yet and neither is Twitter.

People are ecstatic that we finally know Jon’s real name and given the multiple references to Aegon, the conqueror, the name will have significance but it’s just not so easy to let go.

People are really not sure how to react to the news:

Let us also take a moment to acknowledge the rift between Ned and Catelyn Stark’s relationship:

Aegon Targaryen just doesn’t have the same ring to it:

Well, it made it all the more uncomfortable.

We feel for you Gilly.

Imagine, Aegon Targaryen not knowing anything… uncomfortable, right?

But for now, all hail Aegon Targaryen, The King In The North, Former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne.