Violets are blue, roses are red.
Don’t proceed if you haven’t watched GoT8 E2, coz spoilers ahead.

The new episode of GoT left us with some pretty special and warm moments. You can say it was just a ‘filler’ episode, ’cause nothing epic as such happened, but then you’d be wrong.

I mean, can you not see all these strong-ass women taking charge, and ‘f*cking traditions’?

Firstly, this acknowledgment from one woman leader to another of the hardships that come along with being in a sphere spearheaded by men.

Sansa and Dany’s bonding sesh was the most powerful event. Even though the conversation ended on a bitter not, ‘what about the North?’, you can’t not cheer for this scene when they kept aside their differences and genuinely gelled.

Then Arya, yes yes, you didn’t expect Arya to be doing it. Get over yourself. Coz it’s time to root for this moment when a woman took charge of initiating sexy times.

Get it all, Arya.

The third most powerful scene has got to be Brienne getting the title of a ‘knight’, ’cause she damn well deserves it more than anyone.

The episode also subtly hinted how Ser Davos survived two battles without actually fighting, but here Brienne has been courageously putting her ass on the line, with as much honour as any knight out there, but traditions are like, sorry, no? Brienne’s knighthood is a win for every woman out there hustling in a man’s world.

Lyanna Mormont wearing armour all geared up to fight the dead. You dare not lock this warrior in the crypts ‘for her own safety’.

This powerful scene showed how women don’t wanna take back seat in this war of life and death. And you definitely don’t get to decide for them.

Then there was this little girl, who was more than ready to be out there and protect the living.

The future might be bleak, but at least it’s not sexist. 

Images are screenshots of the Hotstar episode.