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Baba Sehgal releasing a new track is a moment no less glorious than a new season of your favourite show or the next installment of a MARVEL movie being announced. Like him or hate him, it’s simply not possible to ignore the original Indian ‘Rap Devta’. Yes, boys and girls, the man who’s rapped on everything from Aloo Ka Parantha to Trump Ka Mania is back to blow our minds with yet another ‘masterpiece’, and this time, he’s teamed up with Nestaway to lend his soulful sounds to a brand new song called ‘The Jobless Song’. And, as always, Baba has gone full Baba in terms of lending his midas touch to the theme, lyrics, and of course, the video itself. 

Take a Look…

Seriously, what was that? There was so much going on in that video, that I honestly couldn’t tell left from right or top from bottom. The premise seems to be that Baba has quit his day job (If we can use the word ‘job’ for what he does) and is now ecstatic to spend the moolah that his new ‘jobless job’ will bring him on all the good things in the world. Ok, that’s fairly straightforward and even makes for an interesting topic for a music video (I guess). 

But between all the stock footage and randomness in the video, at least, I, for one, have no clue what to make of any of it. 

But, if, in case, YOU’VE been able to decode the hidden meaning in following moments of Baba-ness in the video, I’d be much obliged if you can explain them to me.

Cue The Gifs…

In this shot, if you pay attention, Baba is standing way ahead of the trucks. Does it mean that he has left behind all the things that tie down the human race? If you note, the shot is static and traffic isn’t moving at all whereas Baba is in full swing.

Don’t have any damn clue about this one, but I’m pretty sure Baba must’ve put some next level thought in choosing this lady as a visual cue.

Baba, you really need to help us figure out the meaning behind this shot. We’re mere mortals who just cannot think the way you think.

Who are these lovely ladies and why are they so painfully happy? 

And, what’s the meaning of this Russian Palace? Wasn’t Baba planning to go to the Bahamas?

And, who is she? Is she the owner of the palace or of the green screen on which the palace is being projected?

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