The 6th edition of Delhi Comic Convention took place from 9th -11th December at the National Sports Club of India (NSCI) exhibition ground in Okhla. This event not only witnessed the gaming and comic culture coming alive but also served as an attractive platform for some amazing start-ups and art pop-shops who got a chance to promote their brand.

Friday was a bit free flowing but Saturday and Sunday saw a ground brimming with an over-enthusiastic crowd, most of which comprised of students. The energy was evident. People from all over Delhi (and other cities) came in flocking like a swarm of colourful birds as the comic con season arrived.

We maneuvered our way through the crowd and spotted some brilliantly dressed characters. 

Like these guys.

 Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender

V For Vendetta

And then we found Batman and Supergirl bonding. 

 Daredevil a.k.a Matt Murdock

We were pleasantly surprised to see a lot of kids dramatically dressed up.

Me: How are you feeling little Hulk?

And there he was, everyone’s favourite, tiny Harry Potter.

But this guy, hands down, stole the show. Little spider man. 

So many costumes, so many feels.


PS: She was slaying it like slaying is done. 

This Batman was unbeatable with the perfect jawline and an outfit to die for.

Knightmare Batman

Black Panther

Mad Hatter

Our personal favourite was this guy getting it right in every way possible. Can you guess what he’s dressed as?

We saw a magnifique array of headgears. 

Fun fact: This guy made his pink anime hair and also, the earring. The excitment on his face was contagious as he told us that he created it with his own hands.



As we moved later into the afternoon, people kept coming in garbed in awe-inspiring outfits.

We also ran into our very desi Jack Sparrow who couldn’t stop complaining about his rum being stolen.

And a very cheerful Son of Zorro who seemed as if he was born for the outfit he was in.

We also, came across some creepily smiling masks. 

It was indeed a fun show but we felt that it could have been so so much better in terms of the efforts put into the cosplay costumes. But this guy made everything balance out just right. See it for yourself.

Hope this gave you a solid glimpse into the world of comics.

Photographs by: Abhijeet Chaudhari