The final nominations for the 92nd Oscars have been revealed. And chances are that there are still some Oscar-nominated movies that you’ve missed viewing. Well, here’s where you can watch them: 

1. The Irishman: Netflix

25 years after Casino, Martin Scorsese teamed up with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci and delivered a masterpiece that fans of crime and cinema should definitely watch. The Irishman has been nominated in the Best Film category, along with Best Supporting Actor and Directing. 


2. The Two Popes: Netflix

Starring Anthony Hopkins (Best Supporting Actor Nominee) and Jonathan Pryce (Best Actor Nominee), The Two Popes is a biographical drama nominated in the Best Film category. 

Hollywood Reporter

3. Marriage Story: Netflix

A comedy-drama written by Noah Baumbach (Best Directing Nominee), and starring Adam Driver (Best Actor Nominee) and Scarlett Johansson (Best Actress Nominee) in the lead roles, Marriage Story focuses on a couple’s ‘divorce process’. It also earned nominations for the Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actress. 


4. Pain And Glory: Netflix

Starring Antonio Banderas (Best Actor Nominee) in the lead role, Pain and Glory is a Spanish drama directed and written by Pedro Almodóvar. It was nominated in the Best International Feature Film category. 

Washington Post

5. Life Overtakes Me: Netflix

Nominated in the Short Subject Documentary, Life Overtakes Me is a Swedish-American short documentary directed by Kristine Samuelson and John Haptas. It focuses on how refugee children in Sweden withdraw into a coma-like illness called Resignation Syndrome. 


6. In The AbsenceIDFA

On April 16, 2014, over 300 people lost their lives when a ferry sank. The 2014 Sewol Ferry tragedy makes the subject of In The Absence, a short documentary nominated for Short Subject Documentary. 


7. American Factory: Netflix

The first film to be distributed by Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, American Factory, directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, has been nominated in the Documentary Feature category. 

The Atlantic

8. The Edge Of Democracy: Netflix

A Brazilian documentary film directed by Petra Costa, The Edge Of Democracy is an intimate exploration of the filmmaker’s political past, w.r.t to the political climate in the country. It has been nominated in the Documentary Feature category. 

Hollywood Reporter

9. Honeyland: Apple TV+

This Macedonian documentary film has already won three awards at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and has now been nominated in the Documentary and International Feature Film category. It focuses on the life and labors of one of the last wild beekeepers in Bekirlija, a remote village in North Macedonia.


10. I Lost My Body: Netflix

A French animated drama directed by Jérémy Clapin, I Lost My Body has been nominated in the Animation Feature category, along with Toy Story 4 and How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. 


11. Klaus: Netflix

A Spanish Christmas comedy, Klaus has been directed by debut director Sergio Pablos and nominated in the Animation Feature Film category. It is Netflix’s first original animated feature film. 


12. Hair Love: YouTube

Nominated in the category of Animated Short Film, Hair Love is a beautiful exploration of the father-daughter relations in the face of tragedy. 


13. Sister: YouTube

Directed by Siqi Song as her graduation film during her studies at CalArts, Sister is a stop motion animation film nominated in the Animated Short Film category. 


14. Kitbull: YouTube

Directed and written by Rosana Sullivan, Kitbull beautifully showcases how an unlikely friendship develops between a stray kitten and an abused pit bull. A must-watch for all animal lovers, Kitbull has been nominated in the Animated Short Film Category. 


15. Nefta Football Club: YouTube

Directed by French director Yves Piat, Nefta Football Club has won over 65 awards across international film festivals. It has been nominated in the Live Action Short Film category. 


16. The Neighbor’s Window: YouTube

Written and directed by four-time Oscar-nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry, The Neighbor’s Window earned a nomination in the Live Action Short Film category. It focuses on how a middle-aged woman’s monotonous life is changed with the arrival of new neighbors. 


17. Avengers: Endgame: Hotstar

The ultimate finale to the Avengers series, Avengers: Endgame has been nominated for Visual Effects. 


Apart from these, 1917–which has also been nominated for the Oscars–will get a cinematic release in India on January 17. Other Best Film nominees, namely Ford Vs. Ferrari, Bombshell, and Little Women, are still available in cinemas.