It’s a good day for the fans of the MCU. Avengers: Endgame is now available in digital and will be out on Blue-Ray on August 13. 


Now, if you are wondering how many times one should watch the damn movie, well, there are 6 scenes in the DVDs that were cut out of the theatrical release. 


If you haven’t been offline for a couple of weeks, then you have probably seen the deleted scene where the Avengers kneel as a sign of respect for Tony Stark

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It’s a great scene, so why wasn’t it in the movie? Well, maybe because Gamora just took the patli gali out of there, which would not have sat well with the tone of the moment. Anyhow, it’s in the DVDs. 

There are a few other scenes, which frankly aren’t as important to the plot but they are funny as hell. 

In one of the scenes, he laughs at the Avengers because it took them so long to defeat the Chitauri army in 2012. He says that the Chitauri are the ‘suckiest army in the galaxy’.


Another footage shows Rocket trying to get Thor to focus on their mission in Asgard.


And then there is this scene where Rhodey asks Captain the most logical question of the MCU – ‘Why didn’t he jump off the plane he crashed in Captain America: The First Avenger‘?


There are two more scenes where Tony Stark is living the normal life and talking about Goji berries. And the other one is him talking to Howard Stark before they say goodbyes. 


In case, you want to watch these scenes before getting the DVD, you can do it here: 

Buy the DVDs anyway, if you want to finish the perfect MCU collection. This shit will cost a lot more when it becomes vintage!