Simar, from Sasural Simar Ka, has lived nine lives. Well, we couldn’t count them all, but it’s a fair assumption. Probably, after her fly avatar, we’ll see her as a cat. Or something worse! Who knows?

b’Simar is actually a fly in this image.’

Dipika Kakar who plays Simar on this unfortunate thing that we call a daily soap has been embodying Simar (or whichever avatar she’s in), for the past 5 years now.

And credit where it’s due, it takes a special kind of talent to emulate the emotions of a fly. The best of actors get consumed by the character they play. And after you have played a character who’s life is so adventurous with characters like Patali Devi and fighting with Naagins, you are bound to have a dull real life.

The hazards of Dipika’s job are unknown to common folk like us. She is so consumed by the universe she lives on screen that she can’t make the distinction between real and imaginary anymore.

Dipika, as one human to another, we care about you but you really need to wake up and smell the coffee. We know it’s your job and you have no option but to defend the show but we hope it’s not overtaking your real life.

However, for now, Dipika Kakar is making all possible arguments, even if they make no sense to defend the ‘success’ of her show.

Here are a few gems thrown in by Deepika about her show, recently:

If you force feed the audience with this fantasy, they will lose their capacity of imagination.

Entertainment, really!?

Let’s not compare Sasural Simar Ka to The Vampire Diaries, and frankly, even the latter is not a great show!

It’s safe to say that our childhood was much less dramatic than Simar’s sasural.

She just goes on with entertainment!

Let’s not even..

This show actually has a script writer?

The lines between Dipika and Simar are too blurred in her head. Run while you’re still alive and human.

A different story every 3 months? That doesn’t sound like something to boast about.


Trendsetters? For jokes you mean?

Dipika, take a moment and realise the difference between reality and fiction.

Design credit: Utkarsh Tyagi