NGL, no content on any platform is as hysterical as daily soaps on Hindi TV. They are devoid of logic but have their own set of rules. 

If you or someone in your house fervently watches Hindi serials from 7 to 11 pm then you’d be well aware of their cues that indicate what happens in the next scene. 

It’s like they give you the most stereotyped signal to guess what’s coming next and when it does, you have the ‘eureka’ moment. 

1. Visuals of imli = Bahu is pregnant 

By now the ardent viewers of daily soaps should know that until the visuals of the bahu devouring imli aren’t shown, she can’t be pregnant. Nope, to even when the pregnancy test indicates so. 

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2. Stretched goodbye sequences = One of them is gonna die

Is it just me, or do you all also perceive a death when someone’s goodbye is prolonged and music turns mellow?


3. Oversweet in-laws when they come with rishta = Will wreck havoc in the bahu’s life 

A red flag we first detected on TV. If the in-laws act ominously lovely when they visit a girl’s home with rishta, it is obvious that one should not fall prey to their friendliness. (Also in real life but whatever.) 

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4. Super competitive girl and a guy = They’ll soon fall in love 

Does any love story begin on TV that doesn’t portray strong friction between the male and the female leads? The eyes that contains the anguish for each other will be the same eyes indicating that they’re in love in next few episodes.  


5. Haunted house exists = A group of friends who don’t believe in ghosts will go inside to get killed by the ghosts 

The sexual tension between a haunted house and a random IDGAF-natured guy is unmatched. He will still enter the damned house despite all warnings, and get himself killed. 


6. White Van in busy streets = The protagonist will be kidnapped 

I honestly started keeping myself on guard every time I spotted a suspicious white van in my lane. Man, you never know when they slide that door and drag you in. The people on the streets, you as? Oh, they never seem to care.  


7. Isolated highways = Car’s tyres will suddenly get punctured

As you’ve noticed, the majority of tyre punctures occur on forebodingly remote highways. What follows next is the protagonist requesting a lift from an unknown truck driver which gets them trapped into more trouble.  


8. Sindoor ki dibbi falling down = Husband’s death

Imagine a life so fragile that it depends on a tiny box. Daily soaps are just too extra. 


9. A couple’s photo frame collapsing = The spouse will only be admitted, don’t worry. 

Oh, not the sindoor but just the photograph? He’ll be in a coma for six months and his wife will be by his side 24/7 until he takes her name.  


10. Stormy rains = All sorts of unhoni 

Sure, rain brings inconvenience but daily soaps randomly associate rains with every bad omen even off-season. Brothers fighting for property: Cue sounds of thunder, Mother shooting his son: Flash lightening. 

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11. A huge mansion = A murder mystery 

These big ass mansions always have a history of unresolved murders which ultimately the nayi naveli bahu will resolve with literally no mastery in the crime investigation department.  

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12. Flower-Play = Sex 

Okay, you can’t show intimate scenes on Hindi TV but you want the saasu maa to perpetually torment the bahu for a grandchild. The cryptic imagery of flower play in the bedroom insinuates that the couple has initiated the saasu maa’s wish and a baby will be delivered soon through photosynthesis.

Daily soaps literally serve us with the same 20 years old cues.