Trigger Warning: The following article features graphic details and images depicting violence, blood, rape, murder, cannibalism, necrophilia… if you can think it, it’s down there. 

Horror movie fans, unite. Every once in a while, we gather around and think of grossing you out with disturbing films. Sometimes we get it done, sometimes you are like meh. Well, this time, I think we win. 

1. The Human Centipede

An obvious choice to warm you up for what lies ahead. The concept is stitching people into each other’s a**holes to make a, well, human centipede. There aren’t words in the English dictionary about how f**ked up this film is. You will legit need to isolate yourself from civilisation after watching this.


2. August Underground

This horror movie doesn’t have ghosts. It has a serial killer on the loose. It’s just 70 minutes of body mutilation among other things. The director wanted to make a film that would encapsulate the actual carnage serial killers are capable of, something he felt other horror directors failed to do. 

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3. Pig

You won’t find this film anywhere, even on Torrents. The filmmakers themselves felt so messed up while making this film that they made sure it wasn’t available online for anyone to watch. The film tells the story of a lunatic who debates with himself about what he must do with the three victims he had captured. 


4. Grotesque

This Japanese film revolves around a couple who are taken captive by the doctor. He uses them for, well, you guessed it, his own sexual release through torture. He gives them the hope of freedom only to turn back on his words in the end. The film is banned in the UK. 


5. Nekromantik

You guessed it. This flick is pure horror in the sense that there are a lot of dead people around and a living couple banging them till kingdom come. They have ‘sex’ with the decaying body, even bathing in its blood at one point!


6. Hostel: Part 2

Three young American female students studying in Rome are convinced by a man to go to Slovakia. Unbeknownst to them, they are going to a hostel, where people are captured, tortured and killed by rich clients. Yeah. HORROR!


7. Salò, Or 120 Days Of Sodom

Loosely adapted from the book, 120 Days Of Sodom, it revolves around four Italian libertines who kidnap 18 young women to use them for acts of sadism, torture, rape…The movie was banned in many countries. Even in the US, it only had a limited release. 


8. Cannibal Holocaust

This 1980 horror flick follows Harold Monroe, as he leads a rescue team for a missing film crew, who were sent to make a documentary on a cannibal tribe in the Amazon. It’s actually has a good plot twist. The bad guys aren’t the real bad guy and all that jazz. That said, it will terrify the soul out of you. 


9. Man Bites Dog

This controversial film is about a man who murders as a camera crew documents it. Basically Modern Family but if Phil was a total sociopath. It’s funny at times but is seriously unhinged. Wouldn’t recommend!


10. House of 1000 Corpses

In this zombie horror, a character is scalped and vivisected while he still breathes. And that’s only the part I can tell you about here. 


11. Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood

This Japanese film features scenes of such horrific dismemberment that the FBI actually launched an investigation into it to see if anyone was actually killed. Well, it’s a Japanese film and the FBI is incredibly racist, so IDK!

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Look, you wanna watch these, go ahead. But I am not paying for your therapy afterwards.