There’s no doubt that our film industry has been churning out romantic movies since forever, featuring a number of iconic on-screen couples. From Raj and Simran to Bunny and Naina, these couples made a place in our hearts.

Life Beyond Numbers

However, the only couple, out of a gazillion other filmy couples, that live in my heart rent free is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara‘s Laila and Arjun.

Yes, I know that they weren’t how most of our desi on-screen couples are, but that’s the beauty of their relationship. They weren’t cheesy or overdramatic, they were just truly, madly and deeply in love. And, being honest, they were the actual couple goals.

Imagine this: two individuals, living in different parts of the world, meeting by luck and falling hopelessly in love. As an old school romantic, I couldn’t relate to any other couple as hard as I did to them.

Laila, a free-spirited and fun-loving woman, changes Arjun’s, a career-oriented and money-minded man, perspective about life. Even when life had other plans for them, they took risks and the charge of their own lives and followed their hearts.

Come, let’s relive their perfect journey once again.

It was attraction-at-first-sight for Arjun, who saw Laila for the first time at the Costa Brava beach. In midst of the clear blue ocean waters, between probably hundreds of other women, he instantly fell in love with her when she pulled out her spinning poi. 

Arjun, who is completely scared to death with the idea of scuba diving, agrees at once when he learns that Laila is their trainer. Well, love makes you do weird things!

Not sure if you noticed, but the cute look he gives her, when she’s tightening up his wet suit, is to die for.

And, don’t even get me started on the beautiful scenes from their underwater training. It took my heart when he trusted her with his life. I know I know, she’s the instructor and he ‘has’ to trust her. But, as a thalassophobic, I can assure you that it is still as scary as hell.

Anyway, things got interesting during their first group dinner together, where she asked him if he has a girlfriend and he says no. The look on her face definitely made my heart pump faster.

He kept listening to her dreams and aspirations with full concentration as if he wants to be a part of her life adventures as well. They finally share a moment where they keep looking at each other, mesmerised.

While other on-screen couples keep fighting and making each other jealous, this duo motivated each other to do the best of their capabilities. Also, they didn’t even take the credit for each other’s success.

Ab koi darr nahi. Jeene ka bhi nahi.”


We fell in love with Arjun’s character when he, who believed in taking his schedule very seriously, changed his entire plan of going to Seville. Instead, he agreed to go to the iconic La Tomatina festival in Buñol. Because, how could he say no to her, right?

And now, we saw a different side of his character. The one in love.

And finally, we see a completely changed person when we see him sitting by the pool, alone. Reminiscing on his past, we see him thinking about how he always chose his career and money above anything else. However, after meeting Laila, he realised how life is much beyond his office. And hence, we see him declining a work call, at the end of the scene.

My favourite scene from the movie was when the duo takes a long walk on the unknown roads. From talking about their choices and past to their dreams, the scene was nothing short of a dreamy sequence. 

Seize the day, my friend. Pehle iss din ko poori tarah jeeyo, phir chaalis ke baare mein sochna.


And when they laid down on a grassy knoll and stargazed together, I was *almost* in tears. I mean, who wasn’t?

Insaan ko dibbe mein sirf tab hona chahiye, jab woh mar chuka ho.


I’m not going to lie, my heart broke a little when the gang left, leaving her behind. Even though I knew this will happen, my tiny heart wasn’t prepared for it. 

However, my heart quickly soared high when she borrowed her friend’s bike and drove all the way, from one place in the city to the other, to catch him. She kissed him. THEY FUCKING KISSED! 

Mujhe afsos karna nahi aata.


Karna bhi nahi chahiye.


You go, girl!

Once again, they meet back in Pamplona, when Laila surprises Arjun! 

*haaye, nazar na lage*

No, they didn’t kiss or kept saying the cheesiest lines, they both simply couldn’t stop smiling while looking at each other. And that, my friend, is true love.

Whether she was talking or sleeping, I loved how he always had that deep gaze whenever he looked at her. 

In the end, my heart was full because they finally got hitched in a pretty garden. They literally danced down the aisle, giving us some serious wedding inspiration! If they aren’t true couple goals, then I don’t know who is.

Also, on that note, where the hell is my Arjun AKA love of my life?

Please note that all images are taken from the movie.