The inaugural event of Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) brought in crossovers desi janta never expected to see. Like seeing Hollywood stars Zendaya and Tom Holland with Bollywood stars SRK & Salman Khan. However, in this multiverse of madness, the weirdest bit came from Indian paps. They employed bizarre, funny, and a lot of times, outright appalling ways to get attention.

Take a look at this clip, for instance. As Tom Holland walked onto the pink carpet, the paps yelled bizarre variations of his name ranging from ‘Tommm’ to ‘Aye Tommy.’ One of them even remarked, ‘Kya Spiderman Banega Re Tu?’

Tom Holland was one of the surprising stars to grace the event, besides Gigi Hadid, Zendaya, and Penelope Cruz. And since he landed in India, desi paps has had zero chills while interacting with him.

As for Gigi Hadid, the cameramen didn’t recognise who she was. One confused her with Shakira; some called her ‘didi’, and another called her ‘Jiji’.

Zendaya became ‘Zaandya’ & I can never move on from this.

There’s also a clip where Zendaya does Namaste, and they’re like, “oh WOWWWW.”

However, their banter with Nick Jonas, a.k.a. Nick Jiju, was the funniest.

Nick Jonas was standing aside while Priyanka Chopra was getting solos clicked. Humoured, paps remarked, “Jijaji sharma gaye!” 

Seeing Vicky Kaushal and Sidharth Malhotra walking ALONE at the Pink Carpet, the paps got curious.

Where’s Bhabhi?

Among the list of bizarre stuff they uttered, there were things like, “Gege, Gege,” “Helllooooo,” “Gigi didi ikde ikde,” “makdi man”, “ooooooo”, among MANY others.

Netizens appear more vested in paparazzi antics than anything else from the NMACC events.

Safe to say, desi paps operate with their unfiltered mode on.

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