Just as the creatures on this planet must endure periodic events of brutality raining from the skies, human beings born in India also get subjected to regular acts of physics-defying marriages on TV, albeit with far greater frequency.  

Case in point, this scene from a Hindi soap opera, where someone slips on a sindoor box and the sindoor flies away hitting a poor woman in the head and voila, now they are married. 

What really grinds my goat though, is that everyone just kept looking up and then that one woman, who seemed unmarried, moves the married woman out of the way and just waits for the sindoor to fall on her head. 

Wait. I am gonna get more screenshots for ya. Look, she’s just waiting. 

Then the married lady (I think she’s married) just pushes her out of the way. 

That is as perplexing to me as it has been to anyone else who happened to watch this. 

These stunts have been performed under expert supervision. Please do not try this at home.