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Answer These Questions & We'll Tell You Who You Secretly Want On The Iron Throne

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Eight years of watching one of the most epic fantasy shows ever has been a true lesson in patience. Because for eight years we've watched some of our favourite characters die way too soon, evil characters commit unimaginable sins, and plot twists that left us gasping in shock. And all the scheming, plotting, murders, and mayhem has been leading to just one thing - determining who will sit on the Iron Throne. 

And even though long developed loyalties are fraught now, we as fans can not help but root for our favourite to make it to the Iron Throne. So take this quiz to find out who you actually want to see rule the Seven Kingdoms:

1. Pick your favourite combination from the following:

via medium

Burger and fries 

via groupon

Wine and cheese

via 3riversarchery

Bow and arrow

via cloudinary

Pyaar aur dosti

2. How would you plan revenge on your ex?

via playbuzz

Block. Block. Block.

via Gifskey

Ex, who?

via Gifskey

Move on

via gfycat

Secretly follow them on social media 

3. Pick your favourite moment from GoT:

via NME

I love the whole show

via YouTube

Ramsay's death

via TIME

The Night King's death

via cheatsheet

Dragons' birth

4. Pick a song that best describes your Monday morning:

via blogspot

Give me some sunshine

via Twitter

Main chahe yeh karun, main chahe woh karun

via blogspot

Ismein tera ghata mera kuchh nahin jata 

via YouTube

So gaya yeh jahan

5. Pick an artist to design your life's theme song

via GQ

Ramin Djawadi

via Wikipedia

Baba Sehgal

via Deccan Chronicle

Amit Trivedi

via pocket-lint

Kuchh bhi baja do yaar 

6. What would you take back to GoT from the modern ages?

via CBC

Mobile Phones

via Twitter


via Wikipedia

Electronic Voting Machines

via skillsforemployment/Shutterstock

Since gender equality still doesn’t exist, nothing.

7. Choose your favourite dessert from the following:

via marthastewart

Gooey marshmallows

via tes77


via simplyrecipes


via Yelp

Make your own sundae

8. Pick your favourite Indian web series:

via Scroll

Made in Heaven

via feminisminindia

Sacred Games


via TVFplay

TVF Tripling

9. Pick your spirit animal: 

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via Independent


via Bloomberg


10. How do you approach your crush?

via Gifskey

I don't. 

via Gifskey

Crushes approach me. 

via Gifskey

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila aka directly. 

via Gifskey

Through friends. 


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