Before we begin, there are obviously huge-ass spoilers here.

Whoa! That was some finale eh? First we got that amazing beatdown, where Queen Maeve, Starlight and Kimiko kick the shit out of Stormfront…


Then we got Ryan’s insane power explosion that left Stormfront (she really had a bad day) looking like Anakin Skywalker…


Then of course, that whole plot twist with Congresswoman Victoria Neuman revealed as the supe behind the exploding heads.


There’s so much to go through. MM finally gets to stay with his family, Frenchie and Kimiko are chilling together, Hughie is working for Neumann (this should be good) Butcher is, well, Butcher’s off doing Butcher things, and Starlight is back in The Seven. The Boys has already got us waiting for Season 3.

As Butcher would say:


But anyway, we digress. There was one important unanswered question. 

Is Stormfront dead?

Here’s what we know. After she got her ass kicked (literally) she flies off to where Butcher, Ryan and Rebecca are. As she’s tries to choke Rebecca, Ryan blasts her with his laser vision and leaves Stormfront in a really bad state.

But we don’t really see her die, do we?

And later, during the press conference where Homelander thanks Maeve and Starlight, he mentions that Stormfront has now been ‘neutralised’ and held in a secure location.

We already know that Stormfront’s been alive for more than a 100 years and we’ve seen her regenerative powers when Homelander lasered her earlier in the season.

Chances are, she’s alive and kicking (heh, you know we had to do it). So there you have it, Stormfront is most likely back for season 3.