Just when Salman Khan was being slammed for his callous “rape comment”, another disturbing incident has come to light. Sachin Kalbag, resident editor of The Hindu, made a series of tweets describing a ‘famous’ actor’s obnoxious and incorrigible behavior with a female journalist. 

The journalist vividly described how the actor once insulted a female critic in the most shameful way by opening his pants and peeing in front of her. All this because her movie reviews hadn’t been flattering.

Although Kalbag refrained from naming the actor or the journalist, it’s pretty clear who he is hinting at. 

Here are the tweets: 


Apart from his comment on rape, another incident from Salman Khan’s past has gone viral as well. It’s a blog by journalist Mayank Shekhar that states how the actor behaved like a bully and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.