Kabaddi might be one of the oldest Indian sports but it is not very popular outside the Indian sub-continent. We all love watching the league every once in a while but even then the sport is not really a part of our pop culture despite being a central part of most of our childhoods. Even in India, the number of TV shows or films about Kabaddi would be too shameful to count. 


Well, thankfully, Anime has once again come to our rescue. Yup, there’s a show about the sport called Burning Kabaddi and it’s pretty damn awesome. 


In Burning Kabaddi, ex-star Footballer Yoigoshi Tatsuya is forced to join his school’s kabaddi team after losing a bet. While at first he absolutely hates having to do this, he soon gives into the brutal competition Kabaddi offers. 

The show even gets a lot of the techniques right, according to Screenrant. The show is accurate about terminology used in professional kabaddi and keeps it as real as possible in pretty much every aspect of the game.  

Lost In Anime

The original Burning Kabaddi manga by Hajime Musashino has been going strong for 19 volumes and counting, so if this anime is popular, you can probably expect more seasons in the future. But it’s still available in India. So, if anyone is truly omnipotent, this will soon change, mysterious ways or not.