Bollywood Actor John Abraham’s love for animals needs no more evidence, he has always supported various welfare organisations.  PTI reported in February how the actor auctioned his football jersey to support an animal organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


Recently it was reported that John has adopted a three month old female pup with the help of an organisation and named her ‘Bailey’. DNA reported John is very determined about not calling her a stray dog as she is part of his family now. He shares his special bond with Bailey and wants to create awareness regarding adoption,“Unfortunately, people mostly pick up pedigree pets because they look cute and are status symbols. We need to get that chip off our shoulder. If you really love animals, then get any animal as a pet, irrespective of the breed.” 


The same report further states that he criticizes the heartless owners who abandon their dogs, and while talking about Bailey he says,  “Being with Bailey has taught me that animals are far pure than the human race. We have a lot to learn from the animal kingdom. Getting Bailey into my life is a very private matter and the only reason I am talking about her is that people follow my example. It’s important to give strays that home.”

John is all geared up for his new movie venture Force 2.  He announced the same through his tweet: