It was a weird Monday morning because you know, MONDAY. And I also woke up super early to soak in all the tea and the red carpet looks from the 92nd Oscars and I’m glad that I did. Because I spotted the cutest BFF duo from Jojo Rabbit adorably posing for the paparazzi. 

That’s right folks, Roman Griffin Davis and Archie Yates a.k.a Jojo and Yorki posing for their first Oscar appearance together literally lightened up my Monday morning like free booze on a Friday night. 


I mean just look at these two naive little munchkins jumping around, having fun in their tiny yet perfect bow-ties and tux while getting their candids clicked!

And can we please just take a minute to look at these cuties taking the mic to support their co-actor and friend Scarlett Johansson!

I mean, they might not have been individually nominated for their brilliant roles in Jojo Rabbit (which, BTW, they totally deserved) but they have managed to win the internet and our hearts with their naiveness and cuteness. 


Away from the battlefield and onto the red carpet, I have to say, Jojo and Yorki cleaned up well in their formal tux and bow-tiered carpet look. 

Today Show

And is it just me or they both actually twinning? 


And I don’t know about y’all but even though Yorki was only there for a limited screen-time, he is one of the best, most sensible, supporting, witty and funny on-screen close friends we all need in our lives.


These two are giving us major real and reel life BFF goals. When they’re not busy strategising how to “fight” the war, they like to play a few rounds of Jenga. 

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Or casually chill and party with the A-Listers of Hollywood.

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Archie Yates from the movie and the red carpet is my real mood. So here are a few throwback pictures of Yorki from the movie: 

Remember when Yorki had an oops moment after he accidentally dropped the missile because he was so excited to see his BFF Jojo! 

Hollywood Reporter

The happiness they had on their faces after they threw all their books into a burning, open fire was literally a mood. 


And remember when Yorki made a lot of effort to run in his uncomfortable “paper” like pants just to hug Jojo in the robot outfit? Well, that was really a moment that melted our hearts. 


And the way Yorki was so happy for Jojo when he told him that he was in love with a Jew. Yorki didn’t let the brainwashing and hate-speech get to him, instead of bashing Jojo for being in love with the “enemy” the 11-year-old was just happy that his BFF had a girlfriend. 


Remember how after the war was over, the only thing that little, innocent Yorki wanted to do was run to his mother for some cuddles?  


Well, I don’t know about y’all but Yorki should have really been nominated for the Best Supporting Actor, he’d give Brad Pitt a really good competition. 

If you’re anything like me and can’t wait to see this adorable goofball on screen, wait for Home Alone’s reboot because Archie Yates will have the entire house and screen to himself, after his parents forget to take him for their family vacation.