Recently, Rahul Bose was charged Rs 442 for two bananas by a luxury hotel. He shared a video of the bill and the fruits and it went viral.

Apart from the internet going bananas over it, the video also cracked open an investigation into the matter by the Excise and Tax department.

Now, JW Marriott is fined with Rs 25,000 by the Excise and Tax Department, Chandigarh, for violation of section 11 of CGST (illegal collection of tax on an exempted item), according to ANI.

The viral video reached the Chandigarh Deputy Commissioner and Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Mandip Singh Brar, who ordered a high-level investigation into the matter. The probe was carried to check whether the hotel was charging GST as per law or not and if the amount charged as GST is being paid to the government.