While some celebs are known for their warm-hearted gestures, there are a bunch of actors who have got stardom to their heads. In a series of threads, people revealed the most ridiculous tantrums ever thrown by desi celebs on a flight.

Read on.

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1. “In 2012, when Katrina Kaif was to perform (at an award function), paid fully in advance, she threw a tantrum minutes before her performance as she wasn’t being given any award. I was taken to her vanity van to plead with her. Katrina was all dressed and painted up to perform. And then, the outburst. Why do they always call me but give me no awards? I said that was never the deal, you have a contract to perform. But by now, tears were streaming down her face, taking much of the make-up in their wake. Again, we invented a popular choice award.”

2. “For the beauty queen Aishwarya, it is the look, feel and aroma of the food that makes her pick what to eat. So, she kept the flight attendants on their toes by asking them to show her, preferably present before her, all the dishes available one by one. So, airline crew have to not just name, but, show every item on their menu to Aishwarya and then she selected the one which she feels looks the most visually appealing.”

3. “Kajol kept glaring at us when we told her no water bottles were allowed. She apparently drinks from a specific company and she threw a big tantrum about how big she is.”

4. “Sonam Kapoor wanted our staff to purchase a new pair of shoes for her from the duty-free ASAP because her heels hurt.”

5. “Mira Kapoor has ridiculous demands, like stupid ridiculous. She wanted my colleague to do her nails (in the flight), like what in the world? But she didn’t get angry or anything when my colleague refused politely.”

6. “I met Badshah on a flight and he was sitting in a seat near me. I just waved at him and smiled. He was wearing sunglasses (it was weird to wear them inside the flight). I wasn’t sure whether he saw me or not. So, after a few minutes, I waved again at him while I was heading towards the loo. Surprisingly, he instructed something to his bodyguard and his bodyguard came up to me and politely asked me not to bother him. I was surprised that what did I even do that he asked me to back off. I found that rude.” 

7. “Priyanka Chopra got into an ugly tiff with a fellow passenger on board a Dubai-bound Emirates flight. The passenger accused her of risking lives by talking into her cell phone even while the plane was taking off.”

8. “Navya Nanda threw a ‘do you know who I am’ tantrum when she basically didn’t even require a shuttle or security but wanted one.”

9. “The hostess asked Ranveer Singh if he wanted to have a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal. He wasn’t sure and asked for some time to decide. Later, when he asked for the non-vegetarian fare, the hostess apologised by saying that it was over. Instead, she offered him the vegetarian option. He expressed his displeasure quite openly and told out aloud how he would not accept even water from the flight’s staff.”

10. “Katrina Kaif once lashed out at the air hostess, when she was woken up from sleep and asked to fasten her seatbelts. She said, “How dare you touch me? You are just an air hostess, the salary you earn is just a small amount which I spend in one day.”

Which of these celebs do you think had the most ridiculous demand?