Kaun Banega Crorepati has made many dreams come true over the years. The winners on the show come from all walks of life and it is heartwarming to see them achieve their dreams. If you have been wondering what they have all been up to, read on:

1. Harshvardhan Nawathe

Civil services aspirants Harshvardhan Nawathe was the first winner of KBC. His victory got him celebrity status, but he stayed away from the limelight and went to a business school in the UK. These days, he lives in Mumbai with his family and works for an MNC.

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2. Brajesh Dubey

The electrical engineer was a winner in the second season of KBC. He won ₹1 crore, and there isn’t much information on what he is doing now.


3. Rahat Taslim

The winner in the fourth season of KBC, Rahat revealed that she was married at a very young age. The victory changed her life for the better as she started a garment business in Jharkhand with the prize money. She is still involved in the same.

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4. Anil Kumar Sinha

Anil was one of the winners in season 5 and is a banker by profession. To make good use of his status as the KBC winner, he started a YouTube channel in 2019 to help people navigate through the quiz show. As per reports, he has also started a coaching center in Bihar with the same aim in mind.

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5. Sushil Kumar

Possibly one of the most famous winners on the show, Sushil Kumar was in news for bagging ₹5 crores. However, things turned dark for him pretty soon as he could not handle the overnight fame that came from KBC and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, the dance show he later participated in. Sushil is a teacher by profession.

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6. Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney

Sunmeet was the second contestant to win ₹5 crores on the show, and started a clothing brand in collaboration with her friend with the prize money. She now lives in Mumbai with her family.

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7. Manoj Kumar Raina

Manoj took home ₹1 crore in season 6 and not much is known about his life post the big victory.

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8. Firoz Fatima

Sadly, not much is known about what Fatima ended up doing after KBC. The winner of  ₹1 crore in season 7, had family responsibilities and had to repay the debt taken for the treatment of her father. She also wanted to study further.

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9. Taj Mohammed Rangrez

Taj Mohammed won ₹1 crore in season 7. He used the money to build a house and fund his daughter’s eye treatment. Taj also indulged in philanthropic work, and funded the wedding of two orphan women. Apart from this, he went on to act in a movie named Mere Desh Ki Beti, in 2016.


10. Megha Patil

A cancer survivor, Megha had won  ₹1 crore and it isn’t known what she is up to these days.


11. Achin and Sarthak Narula

The two brothers, playing to win money for their mother’s treatment, were the first ones to win ₹7 crore on the show. They now run their own business.

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12. Anamika Majumdar

Anamika, the winner from season 9, used the prize money to build her NGO and help society. 

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13. Binita Jain 

The winner from season 10, invested the prize money in her son’s dental clinic. Binita, whose husband was kidnapped by terrorists, did not give up on life and continued to work hard to make things better for herself and her children.

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14. Ajeet Kumar

The player Amitabh Bachchan declared as “the season’s best”, wanted to put in the money into rehabilitation facilities for convicts while preparing to become jail superintendent. He achieved that goal and got the job later.

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15. Gautam Kumar Jha

A railway engineer by profession, Gautam won ₹7 crore on the show and went back to his job.

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16. Babita Tade

A midday meal cook, Babita won in season 11. After the victory, she went back to her job even though she probably did not need to. She has been close to the children and wants to do some good for them.

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17. Sanoj Raj

Sanoj was also a winner in season 11 and went back to preparing for the IAS exam after concluding his stint in the show.

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18. Nazia Nasim

Nazia won ₹1 crore in season 12 and said that she would use the money to pay for the treatment of her parents and in-laws. She also wants to train her son in football and donate some money to the less fortunate.

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19. Himani Bundela

Himani Budela, the winner of ₹1 crore from the latest season of KBC, is the first blind person to win in the show. She has gone back to her life and wishes to support her parents as her father lost his job due to the pandemic.

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