Note: Graphic content ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you thought you saw a fair share of gore and violence in Game of Thrones, you will be blown out of your wits by BBC’s latest offering.


Called Gunpowder and starring GoT’s Kit Harington, the show is based on the Gunpowder plot of 1605


The show premiered last night and while it has received praise, it’s explicit representations of extreme violence led to many horrified reactions.

In one scene, a woman can be seen punished by being crushed to death after she was stripped and humiliated.


You’d think seeing her body slowly get crushed would be enough for most shows.

However, the most brutal and heinous punishment was meted out to a young priest. He was hung, drawn, quartered and beheaded.


The punishment is a 16th century form of public execution where the accused is hung, his intestines are carved out and then he is chopped into four pieces!


The man is hung only till he is almost dead, meaning the disembowelment takes place when he is alive. Thus, one can imagine why people were left feeling sick after the scene.

However, viewers did point out that while it was gory, it was historically accurate.

The scenes are graphic and elaborate and definitely not for the weak-hearted.

After the killings, the  executioner is shown holding up the accused’s severed head as the crowd jeers him on.

BBC via Express

People compared the show’s gruesomeness to GoT and Gunpowder seemed to be the clear winner.

 Kit Harington, it seems, is not yet done with his share of bloodshed. He is playing the main lead in the show, Robert Catesby, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the whole plot.


It would be really interesting to watch Kit in an intense role again. And TBH, if you love GoT and Jon Snow, do you even need another reason to watch this show?