The third episode of Koffee With Karan Season 7 aired last night and it was like opening a box of chocolates since the guest coupling was more surprising than ever. It was the amalgamation of the couch veteran and debutant Akshay Kumar and Samatha Prabhu respectively, two top-ranking Indian superstars whom we’ve never seen together in a frame.

While Akshay managed to sway his fans with his easy-going demeanour, it was Samantha’s wit and confidence that actually brewed some coffee. 

We love it when a guest gets Karan to taste a sip of his own coffee and Samantha did precisely that. Here are 10 of her most badass moments as the debutant on the coffee couch.

1. When Samantha slyly unravelled KJO’s pados wali aunty behaviour.

While KJO insisted he had no desire to encroach on her private life, Samantha reminded him that he’s already done it off-camera. Was it just me or did you also scream when she asked Karan, ‘What happened to your non-encroachment policy?’ Queen behaviour alert. 

2. When she admitted that signing up for Oo Antava was her ‘fuck it, I’ll do it’ move. 

For the unversed, Oo Antava isn’t your typical item song, rather, it is a clap back to the unsolicited male gaze. 

3. When she gracefully hinted KJO to get his terms right. 

When KJO was asking her about her marriage, he mistakenly referred to her ex-husband as her husband. Samantha was quick to politely correct him. 

4. When she hilariously pointed out that he’s the reason for unhappy marriages. Well, don’t we all blame him for setting the bar a little too high?

To top it all off, she drew an accurate parallel between life and K.G.F, while all our life Karan and his films have coaxed us into believing that life is like K3G. 

5. When Karan tried to rescue his boat by saying that he also displayed a realistic portrayal of divorce in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. 

We agree Samantha, our ships had already sunk in the pool of his fairytale romance till the time he decided to paint the reality. 

6. When she offered the most sensible take on nepotism. 

You might get an easy entry but it’s always about the one who can afford to stay. 

7. Furthermore, she also illustrated how the stories of failures are different for an outsider and a star kid. 

As she rightly said, it differs from apple to apple. 

8. When she made Akshay aware of his wealth.

While Akshay was trying to be all humble, Samantha’s response hit like nothing less than a truck. 

9. When she spilled about how people have peddled a massive amount of rumours about her. 

‘Where should I begin?’ just got a new catchphrase. 

10. When Samantha gave a clear-cut answer which suggested that the route to her heart is currently blocked. 

While KJO tied to squeeze some juice, Samantha knew she wasn’t falling for it.

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