Disclaimer: Game of Thrones episode 4, season 8 spoilers ahead. 

The one thing that has grown across all seasons of Game of Thrones is Cersei’s ability to top her own potential for dastardly deeds and sheer evil.


And even as her actions shock the hell out of even Tyrion, (phir hum kya cheez hai), we can’t help but draw a comparison – to the original queen of all things evil, sinister, and stylish, Komolika. 


Here are a few reasons that prove that Cersei and Komolika maybe pulling off a ‘Ramesh-Suresh’:

1. They both have mastered the art of giving an evil smile that can scare the hell out of even a dragon. 

You may not how to pout, but do you know how to have someone shit their pants with just one smile? Didn’t think so. Kinda handy skill, TBH!


2. No matter how many times their evil plans are thwarted, the two refuse to give up. 

Cersei’s iconic ‘shame’ only succeeded in making her more vengeful. And Komolika’s evil machinations continued for eight freaking years. 


3. And they both have a memorable characteristic trait!

Just like you’ll never find Cersei without her glass of wine, you’d never have found Komolika without the hair twirl.

4. Also, it was perhaps that same confidence that helped the two rock a bob cut like it’s no one’s business. 

They are evil but at least they disproved the illogical notion that bob cuts are not meant for women. 

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5. Both Komolika and Cersei made the concept of a ‘marriage of convenience’ far more convenient than viewers were used to. 

She may have married Robert Baratheon at the behest of her father, but Cersei picked Euron Greyjoy as a partner because he could help her – and not because she loved him. Just like when Komolika married Anurag’s cousin Subroto. 


6. The two are also not above harming children to get their way. Umm, yeah! That’s a pretty bold line to cross. 

Jaime may have done the deed, but it was Cersei’s fear that led Bran to a ‘crippling’ fall. Just like when Komolika kidnaps Anurag’s child Prem – and he falls ill and apparently dies.


7. Both believe that if you can’t get to your enemy directly, get to your enemy’s relatives. 

When Cersei couldn’t hurt Daenerys, she chose the people closest to her – Missandei and her child, Rhaegal. And well, Komolika did get Anurag’s father killed. So yeah! 


8. They also believe in keeping a track of DNA, and not just theirs. 

Cersei went to extreme lengths to ensure that Baratheon’s bastards never survived and came fighting for the throne. Komolika switched DNA reports so that Anurag would not be united with his daughter Sneha, or lover Prerna. 

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9. The only person they truly love is their own selves and power.  

Robert. Jaime. Euron – None of them matter to Cersei as much as being the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. In the case of Komolika, it was the Basu property. 


Wow! Talk about iconic characters!