Celebs frequently cause viewers to feel uneasy because they serve as instances of her extraordinary privilege at times. And the Kardashian-Jenner family serves as something of a standard bearer for those who are unaware of their privilege and make statements that could lead to trouble.  

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However, this time, real action rather than just words caused public outcry. Kylie Jenner is currently receiving a lot of criticism on social media platforms for bragging about her and her boyfriend Travis Scott’s private planes and utilising her own to make short flights.

The 24-year-old started things off by sharing a black-and-white picture of herself and her partner holding hands between two private aircraft.


In the midst of the criticism, some looked more into Kylie’s flying record and learned that her jet has been used for trips as brief as three minutes.

In fact, as appalled users accused Kylie of being “a full-time climate criminal,” the post swiftly gained popularity on Twitter.

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were slammed in 2019 for traveling to Palm Springs for a meal on a private plane from Los Angeles. Considering how their travel affects the environment, the Jenner sisters were at the centre of a recent issue.