I might have been late to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but it has been the only show I binge-watched again and again and again! The warmth and comfort it offers are magical, and if you haven’t watched the show, trust me you’re missing out a lot. Though it’s hard to pick one favourite person from the show, I would always choose Phoebe Buffay!

Her kind heart and sass wooed me away. Remember her wedding with Mike and how they decided to go with a simple wedding in the snow. Oh my god! She totally nailed it.

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We stumbled on a thread that has the most iconic Phoebe Buffay dialogues, and it’s time we learn from her words of wisdom. Here we go:

Oh yeah Phoebe, no would play with words better than you.

You get us and we get you, Phoebe. 

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Say no but be sassy too. Also, how can you be so relatable all the time?

I hope you know no one beats her optimism and she is a queen of witty replies. Twittizens totally get Phoebe Buffay supremacy and here’s what they have to say.

We love you, Phoebe!

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