Kids in other countries usually fly the nest and start living independently by the time they turn 18. But here in India, our nests are so freaking cozy that we just don’t want to leave. It doesn’t help that a lot of Indian parents are absolutely fine (even happy) with having their kids around till they turn 30. Living at home has its perks and pitfalls, but one thing is for sure if you’re living at home, these signs will give you away.

1. You clothes are ALWAYS clean.

2. You get awesome packed lunch everyday which makes everyone around you jealous as hell.

3. The glove compartment of your car always has a can of the most powerful deodorant money can buy and lots of chewing gum.

4. Whenever you’re out partying with your friends, you keep getting calls from home and your phone is frequently stuck to your face.

5. “Bus nikal gaya,” “Pahunchney wala hun” and “Almost there” roll off your tongue as easily as your name.

6. Your fridge is ALWAYS stocked with tasty food.

7. Your love life is complicated. Canoodling is difficult because bringing your boyfriend/girlfriend home is out of the question.

8. The only kind of food you know how to cook is Maggi and eggs.

9. You put on 5 kilos of “sweet fat” after every major festival.

10. When your friends ask you about the rent in different parts of your city, you just stare at them blankly.

11. You actually know a thing or two about “Saas-Bahu” serials. You probably had no choice in the matter.

12. You’re really scared of going grocery shopping and even more terrified of haggling.

13. The browsing history on your laptop is always as clean as a whistle. You swear by “Incognito Mode.”

14. You’re way better at coming up with excuses and stories than your independently living friends. In fact, you could give Christopher Nolan a run for his money.

15. You never make your own bed.

16. You’ve become so good at sneaking around the house at night that you could probably start giving classes to Ninjas.

17. Your friends think that you have a split personality disorder. They don’t understand how you go from #YOLO to “Ladla Beta” in less than 3 seconds.