While y’all were frantically searching for the best-dressed celebs at the AMA 2019, my eyes got hooked to the best accessory of all time – Lizzo’s tiny bag


Yes, it can definitely carry all the money I own and the amount of f**ks I give. 

lizzo tiny bag at the ama 2019

Don’t know about you but for me, Lizzo totally owned the red carpet with that teeny-tiny barbie purse. And mind you, this little bag isn’t any random accessory, it’s a Valentino bag. 

And Here’s what Lizzo told the media about her favourite bag: 

It’s a Valentino bag. It’s custom – there’s only three in the world. I got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, some condoms. 
lizzo tiny bag at the nma

Apparently, her bag also has a Twitter account of its own. (with more followers than many of us) 

lizzo's tiny bag twitter account

Guess her bag completely stole the limelight at the AMAs and Twitterati can’t agree more: 

And how could we not make memes on THIS? 

So, what do you think about her tiny bag? Let us know in the comments.