When DD started re-telecasting Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan during the lockdown after several years, we're sure they couldn't have imagined how it would break the record of the world's most-watched show. 

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The end of this legendary show has left a void in 7.7 crore people's lives, one that can only be filled with the second part, Uttar Ramayan. Which is probably why DD has decided to recast Uttar Ramayan once again. 

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I was honestly glued to my T.V watching this emotional show that revolves around the heartbreaking journey of Luv-Kush and their reunion with their father, Lord Ram.

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And while watching their phenomenal acting, I couldn't help but wonder what Luv-Kush would be doing in real life now, 32 years after Uttar Ramayan was first aired. So I did some digging. 

Remember little Luv with his adorable bow and arrow? 

So I just LinkedIn-ed him and turns out that Mayuresh Kshetramade a.k.a Luv is now a CEO, in real life. 

Currently, settled in the United States as the CEO of a company called Commission Junction Affiliate, Mayuresh has established himself as quite a successful businessman. Not only that, but he's also a part-time author who has written a book titled, Spite and Development.

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And I don't know why I find this hard to imagine but Luv also has a quite LIT Instagram account. 

And do you guys remember young Kush and his adorable, pearl-studded bun?  

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I just googled him only to discover that Swwapnil Joshi a.k.a Kush nurtured his passion for acting and is now a very successful actor. 

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Turns out, apart from playing the role of Kush in Uttar Ramayan, he has also played the role of young Krishna in Ramanand Sagar's show. 

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32 years down the line, he is a well-renowned actor who has featured in Bollywood movies like Hudd Kar Di, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar and Des Mein Nikalla Hoga Chand among others.  

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For some reason, I find this very hard to imagine but Kush has been a part of a lot of comedy shows like Comedy Circus and Papad Pol – Shahabuddin Rathod Ki Rangeen Duniya as well. 

In fact, his on-screen talent has made him quite popular in the Marathi film industry as well. Swwapnil Joshi was last seen in Mogra Phulaalaa and TV series Jeevlaga.  

You know, as a child, I believed that Luv-Kush were twins onscreen and off-screen because they looked so similar and their bond appeared to be pure. 

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The most shocking news that I was found in this course of discovery is that they are not really related to each other  in real life. And I don't know why but it feels like I have been living a lie.