“A manhunt that rocked the entire nation.”

Words from the trailer itself. Charles Sobhraj is one of the most notorious criminals in the history of India. A person so dangerous & enigmatic that they couldn’t help but make a movie on him. Actor Randeep Hooda, who portrays the infamous criminal in the movie, Main Aur Charles, looks just as sinister and charming as the man himself.

A Wave Cinemas – Ponty Chadha presentation, p roduced by Raju Chadha, Amit Kapoor & Vikram Khakhar, the movie seems ready to ‘rock the nation’ too. The trailer looks extremely exciting and will make you wait eagerly for the flick to be up on the silver screen. Watch it right here:

The cast seems apt enough to work its magic on the audience, much like Charles did on his victims, but of course in a nicer way than him. Randeep certainly looks ready to slay audiences with his charm.

If you have any doubts over the man’s ability, read how ‘This Jaat Boy Minus A Godfather Is Here To Slay’ .