Some tweets and Instagram posts really leave you wondering where a person is coming from. For instance, this post by Twitter user Uttam Saha, where he questioned why jewelry brand Tanishq features women without bindis in their recent ad.

So of course, netizens came forward and called him out for his very strange tweet!

What’s really audacious about this tweet is that Mr. Saha thinks it’s alright to dictate how women should exist in society. But also, how bizarre is it that he simply assumed their religion, and then decided to be a ‘guiding light’ to society based on that? Here, take a look at how people have responded to the post.

This woman’s response deserves applause.

And @worldismyoyeter couldn’t be more on point by calling it as it is; It’s a personal choice anyway, and for no one else to decide.

Personally, I think he could’ve spent those two minutes tweeting something much more interesting and kind, TBH.