If you identify with any of the following things, then you have probably owned or , God bless you, still own a Maruti 800.

1. Even if it was grilling hot, you still managed to keep cool by rolling down the windows.

2. Driving one of the first cars with power steering made you feel like a king on the road.

T’was fanciest shiznit ever.

3. After driving a Maruti 800, you can literally drive any vehicle in the world.

Even a truck.

4. You have pushed your car to get it running, jumped back into the driver’s seat and put the car directly into second gear.

5. You have dealt with like, a billion punctures and repaired the same tyre over and over again.


6. If you’re keys got locked inside, the first thing that entered your mind was “STEEL WALA SCALE.”

No, not the Man of Steel.

Steel Wala Scale


7. During heavy rains, you could literally see water seeping into the car.

8. As soon as the car went above 80, you felt like a pilot on a turbulent flight.

9. You have squeezed yourself into the boot for a long journey and now you think you can fit in anywhere.

10. Remember the U-Bend steering lock that you attached to the brake and your steering wheel?


11. The engine could only take so much.

“Bhai decide karlo aaj kya chahiye, A/C ya music?”

12. How can we forget that tiny “Choke Button” that was used to jump start the car.


13. And the hand signals. We became so used to the indicators being non–functional, you still stick your arm out whenever you want to turn.


14. The fuel indicator didn’t work most of the time.

You had to guess the amount of fuel you used up before you went to the petrol pump again. It was always touch and go.


15. You feel proud that you never modified your car.

Those who did do it didn’t too badly either.


16. Your Maruti 800 was a bird poop magnet.

For some reasons, birds loved to relieve themselves on your Maurti 800. “Ambassador? Nope. Fiat? Nope. Let’s poop on that Maruti 800!”


But no matter how much trouble it gave you, it will always be your first and most beloved car.

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