The godfather of comic books, Stan Lee, passed away at the age of 95. The man, without whom Marvel wouldn’t have been the franchise it is today, left the entire world teary-eyed.


Stan the man put in his entire life into creating characters with abilities which kept people of every age awe-inspired and captivated.

Marvel Entertainment

He built these narratives from the ground up, and it goes without saying that the loss of such a vital pillar of marvel would be received with utmost sadness. 


In the same vein, Marvel released a video, paying homage to the artist extraordinaire, recounting his efforts in transforming the comic book industry. He inspired a generation of artists. 

Marvel Entertainment

His superheroes were realistic. His superheroes were human. They were layered in a film of accidental unorthodoxy, making a generation of kids believe that there is magic inside all of us and that it is okay to be different.


He had a strong voice, and he used that voice to address issues plaguing the society. In a world full of noise and hatred, his narratives, through his characters, was the voice that every kid listened to.

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As Sana Amanat, VP of Content and Character Development rightly puts it, “He’s the heart of the Marvel Universe,” and we could not agree more.

You can watch the video here: