By now, we all know that there is pretty much nothing that Milind Soman cannot achieve. His fitness is always the talk of the town and age is just a number for the ‘Ultraman’. 


However, this article is not about him but his mother, who is redefining badassery at the age of 78. 


While the world was pouring their emotions on social media pages, to celebrate mother’s day, one such tribute caught everyone’s attention. It was this post by Milind Soman about his mother, Usha Soman, doing planks. 

Like mother, like son?


You can see her rocking the planks like no other, in a saree, of course. Watch it to believe your eyes. 

Yes she held the plank position for good 1 MINUTE, 20 SECONDS, a feat very difficult to achieve by most ‘fit’ people. And this is not her personal best, BTW. I mean, really?

And here we are, sitting and staring at our screens and wondering if walking to the coffee machine would be too much exercise.