Miranda Or Andy? Which 'The Devil Wears Prada' Character Are You? That's All

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We all have a work personality because let's face it, even zoom calls from home can't turn bosses into friends. So, take this quiz to find out what personality you 'wear' to work: 

1. According to you, which is the most important quality in a work place?

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2. Pick a fashion blunder you're guilty of committing: 

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3. Pick a summer drink from the following: 

4. You missed a work meeting because you were hungover. Pick an excuse:

5. Which of the following is your spirit animal?

6. Which of the following is a problem you face at work?

7. What drives you to work harder?

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8. Pick your favourite rom-com:

9. Which of the following is your favourite dialogue from the film?

10. Pick your favourite character from the film, who does not work at Runway: 

So, are you the devil?


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