Disclaimer: The following article contains spoilers from Mirzapur Season 2. 

Like most fans of Mirzapur, I too binge-watched the second season in one night. And was hit by a major Gangs of Wasseypur déjà vu. 

Because, beyond the obvious similarities that exist, because both are crime dramas, here are instances that suggest Mirzapur might just be an extended version of GoW: 

1. Kaleen and Munna's relationship is exactly like Ramadhir Singh's relationship with his son, J.P. 

Just like Ramadhir Singh constantly insults his son, who he feels is a good-for-nothing brat, Kaleena bhaiya too feels his son, Munna, is an incompetent fool. 

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2. Both Munna and J.P. plan their father's assassination because they feel insulted.

Both Ramadhir and Kaleen also waste no chance of insulting their sons, which ultimately is what instigates their sons to plan their assassinations. 

While in GoW, J.P. joins hands with Faizal and Definite to bring down his father, in Mirzapur, Munna asks his best friend Compounder for help. 

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3. The unintentional role of Ramadhir Singh and Kaleen Bhaiya's aides in their downfall. 

Ramadhir Singh's friend and aide, Ehsaan Qureshi fails to kill Sardar Khan and lies about it to Ramadhir Singh. Ultimately, Sardar Khan grows up to become Ramadhir Singh's biggest rival. 

Though not entirely the same, something similar happens in Mirzapur, when Kaleen Bhaiya's aide Maqbool introduces his nephew Babar to Guddu and Bablu. Ultimately, Babar pledges his loyalty to Guddu and Bablu and ends up passing on information about Kaleen Bhaiya's business to Guddu and Golu in Season 2.

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In fact, it comes to a point where Maqbool fails in killing Babur, even on Kaleen Bhaiya's orders. And ultimately, Babur joins Guddu again. 

4. Both, the show's second season, and the film's sequel, are essentially revenge sagas. 

Just like GoW 2 saw the rise of Faizal Khan, who vows revenge on Ramadhir Sigh, Mirzapur 2 sees the rise of Guddu and Golu, both of whom are fuelled by their desire to exact revenge on Munna for killing their loved ones. 

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5. Both Faizal and Guddu start new businesses to keep them afloat. And in both cases, they join hands with an outsider with dubious family connections. 

In GoW 2, Faizal works with Shamshad for the sale of scrap iron. Later, he also gets into business with Iqlakh, whose parents were forcibly divorced by Faizal's father. 

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In Mirzapur 2 as well, Guddu and Golu first get into business with Lala for the smuggling of opium. And later they get into business with Bharat Tyagi, whose family is already in business with Sharad and Munna. 

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Now, whether these are just coincidences or the creators were simply inspired by GoW, will remain a mystery. But, what no one can deny is that both, GoW and Mirzapur, make for an intense, intriguing watch.