Disclaimer: Game of Thrones spoilers from episode 4, season 8.

Okay, so that last scene from the last episode of GoT - you know the one where Rhaegal drowns and Missandei loses her head to the evil crown - was definitely heartbreaking.

Source: Vanity Fair

Especially when the Queen of all things evil and sinister Cersei had Missandei beheaded right in front of her partner GreyWorm. I mean look at that expression.

Source: Express

*taking a break to bawl in the corner.*

Well, it may be rage and revenge in the GoTverse, but actor Raleigh Ritchie has shared a snippet that has us rooting for an alternate universe.

One where Nathalie Emmanuel and Raleigh Ritchie dance to A Whole New World perhaps?

Source: Twitter

Perhaps in that world, even The Mountain will have a change of heart and actually be a big ol' softie like Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson actually is.

Of course, Twitterati is totally shipping this multiverse fun romance:

I don't care about dragons, I just want more of this dance-a-thon!